ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle – 750ml

Thermomix Thermobottle 750ml
Thermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - 750ml WhiteThermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - 750ml RedThermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - 750ml PinkThermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - 750ml GreenThermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - 750ml BlueThermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle - 750ml SilverThermomix ThermoBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle – 750ml BlackThermomix ThermoBottle being usedThermomix ThermoBottle being used


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Product Description


Featuring high performance vacuum insulation, this beautifully designed ThermoBottle keeps your drinks cold for more than 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. It has a generous capacity of 750ml and is durable enough to pack in school lunches, for travel or for work. Our ThermoBottle works so well, that drinks with ice cubes will still have frozen ice cubes hours later. We haven’t found a bottle anywhere that works this well at keeping cold drinks cold.

You could even pour a bottle of chilled wine into a ThermoBottle and it will stay chilled when you are looking for the next bottle. Or add ice cubes to room temperature liquids and the ThermoBottle will cool your drinks down, and keep them cool.

Looking for a slightly smaller and lighter ThermoBottle? Check out our Solid Coloured 500ml ThermoBottles HERE OR OUR gorgeous Multicoloured 750ml ThermoBottles HERE or our .

Its minimal, sleek design along with its long-lasting insulating performance makes it the perfect desk companion for a hot sip of coffee to recharge your batteries when at the office as well as the ideal holder for your fresh, cold drinks when out and about during summer. It’s double walled and vacuum sealed for superior insulation. We’ve designed this clever ThermoBottle to make life easier. It features a large mouth that makes it easy to refill and drink from, a leak proof silicone seal and a design that never sweats. Take the versatile TM Essentials ThermoBottle 750ml bottle wherever you go. It’s ready if you are.   Key Features

  • Double-walled 18/8 food grade #304 Stainless Steel
  • Available in a great range of colours
  • Capacity – 750ml
  • Weight when empty – 420g
  • Keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for more than 24 hours
  • Large mouth for easy drinking and refilling
  • 100% BPA free, phthalates free, toxins free
  • Plastic-free
  • Suitable for acidic and carbonated drinks
  • Does not retain or impart any flavour
  • Does not condensate
  • Stainless steel lid with leak proof silicone seal
  • Wide mouth for ice filling and easy cleaning
  • Hand wash only
  • Measures 31cm tall, 8cm diameter


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Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, Black, Red, White

  1. (verified owner):

    So far have used this bottle to keep my water with ice in it cold as the weather is so not. The ice didn’t even melt….it was a beautiful cold drink for hours. Love this bottle

  2. (verified owner):

    This product is brilliant. Can take my water bottle to the beach and after hours in the sun it’s still cold

  3. (verified owner):

    Really impressed as the cold water does stay cold.

  4. (verified owner):

    great bottle. good size. love that it keeps my water cold even when it is left in the sun

  5. (verified owner):

    bought 2 of these. love them.

  6. (verified owner):

    So very happy with my double walled bottles always have cold water with me now ????????

  7. (verified owner):

    Very happy with how long this bottle keeps the water cold. Fantastic.

  8. (verified owner):

    Excellent drink bottle, no wet patches or sweating when filled with ice and water. Keeps water extremely cold or hot. Best Buy ever

  9. (verified owner):

    Bought two of these and am so impressed that I can always have cold water with me now and I don’t need to waste money on bottled water when I’m out

  10. (verified owner):

    Thrilled with how well these bottles maintain temperature, especially out here where we experience such extremes.

  11. (verified owner):

    Another fabulous product. Water stays cold and they do not leek.

  12. (verified owner):

    Love how the water stays cold for so long. Very happy!

  13. (verified owner):

    Excellent water bottle, ice still solid after 18 holes of golf in the hot sun, just what I wanted!

  14. (verified owner):

    I have only used it for cold and found it did keep the water colder for longer than I other SS bottle. I have just kept it in the fridge and take it out and take it to work or out on the road.

  15. (verified owner):

    This bottle does what it says, cold keeps cold and hot stays hot. Very pleased with my purchase.

  16. (verified owner):

    I love my beautiful blue water bottles! they keep my water cold with some ice added. they are easy to clean. easy to hold. easy to drink out of! love them. thanks 🙂

  17. :

    These are so awsome I have brought some for teachers presents for end of year, they keep ice water cold all day and when i take them out of the school bags there is still ice in them, love theses bottles

  18. (verified owner):

    What a great drink bottle keeps my water cold for hours. Can’t wait for winter to have my hot drinks!

  19. (verified owner):

    I absolutely love these bottles. All my kids take them to school and they really do keep their water cold in our hot climate. Good size as well for sports.

  20. (verified owner):

    These are the best bottles I have ever owned, keeps the water nice and cold all day, Love it

  21. (verified owner):

    Excellent! The best water bottle I have bought by far! Keeps water ice cold for hours and no puddles underneath! I love these bottles so much I have bought 9 so far for family and friends! Very happy indeed!????

  22. (verified owner):

    Ordered two – OMG they are so good. Used one for cold and one for hot, the cold was still cool after 2 days sitting in a hot car, and the hot was still warm after 2 days. In the process of ordering three more 🙂

  23. (verified owner):

    These drink bottles are amazing. They do actually stay cold and hot. Love them

  24. :

    Bought 2 … excellent

  25. (verified owner):

    Love this bottle. It has kept my water cold all day without having to add ice.

  26. (verified owner):

    Love my insulated bottles. Even the size of them is perfect.

  27. (verified owner):

    Great bottle with fantastic insulation.

  28. (verified owner):

    I have purchased theses for teacher presents these bottle keep water icy all day and they do not sweat we love these bottles

  29. (verified owner):

    So far so good. I tried it out and it kept my water cool overnight.

  30. (verified owner):

    I’m travelling this week, so am using my bottle for the first time. Absolutely love that my water has remained at a nice cool temperature even with the bottle sitting in the sun! Can’t wait to try it with a nice hot tea when I go back to work. Actually, I’ll take both bottles, one with hot tea & one with cold water. Perfect!

  31. :

    Love them!! I purchased two, and I am very happy with this product. They keep the water so cold for hours.

  32. (verified owner):

    Great water bottles! Really does keep the water cool for a very long time.

  33. :

    My kids are loving their new bottles and drinking so much more water now that is is icy cold.

  34. :

    As a traveller I use them to keep my lactose free milk in and really happy with item

  35. :

    The thermobottles were fantastic, they kept our water cold while we were travelling. At one stop I accidentally left the bottle lying in the sun for about an hour, The outside was very very hot to touch but the water inside was still cold.

  36. (verified owner):

    These are the best water bottle I’ve ever bought, think I will need another one soon.

  37. (verified owner):

    Very Impressed!

  38. :

    The best bottles ever, keeps hot and cold for hrs.
    Love them.

  39. (verified owner):

    Does what it’s supposed to. Cold water stays really cold for hours, hot drinks stay hot. I can’t break bottle and I am always breaking things!

  40. (verified owner):

    LOVE this bottle, keeps my water very cold, is also great to put essential oils (like lemon) in

  41. (verified owner):

    I love this water bottle! It keeps water cold and is a great size so you’re not constantly filling it up!

  42. (verified owner):

    great bottle
    great size
    does what it said it would

  43. :

    hi guys I have purchased 4 of these bottles for each member of the family and every body is very happy with them.
    Everybody works outside in the environment so all kinds of elements
    so versatile. Thank you fr a great product.

  44. (verified owner):

    Great product, clean taste. Keeps water cool all day. Very pleased.

  45. (verified owner):

    These bottles are awesome, when I heard they keep things hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours I thought that’s a big claim! So couldn’t wait to put them to the test, I thought even if they make it half way I’d still be satisfied, I bought two , I put boiling hot coffee in one and a cold drink in the other, I tested them at the half way mark, after six hours the coffee was still steaming hot, I was impressed! After 12 hours the coffee was still steaming hot and even long after that! At this point I checked the cold drink, still nice and cold, then at 24 hours I checked the cold drink again still nice and cold ( and I didn’t use ice ) I was blown away!! There also great for soup, for a dinner party I even cooked soup for first course before my guest arrived poured it into the bottles to keep it hot and then when I was ready to serve just poured the piping hot soup into the bowls from the bottles, great time saver! Also great to pour a bottle of wine into, take it out on the balcony or picnic and no ice bucket needed, I’ve put heaps of my friends onto these bottles and they love them too!

  46. (verified owner):


  47. (verified owner):

    We love our new Thermie bottles. The colours are awesome!

  48. (verified owner):

    Very happy. I put just 4 ice cubes into one and they were only one third melted 24 hours later.
    I put boiling water in the other and it was hot enough to make coffee with 24 hours later. But not quite hot enough to make a cup of tea. However I didn’t preheat the bottle first. Very happy I will order more for my daughters.

  49. (verified owner):

    So far have only used bottle for cold water but so far is brilliant. Great size. Great look. Love it

  50. (verified owner):

    I bought two of these bottles for myself and my husband. I am impressed with how they keep the water cold, even in the hot car. Haven’t tried them with hot liquid but I am sure they will be perfect.

  51. (verified owner):

    Love this product
    Thank you!

  52. (verified owner):

    Love the colours, I have a problem with the lid sometimes and my ice cubes are too big for the neck. It does what it says though and keeps the water cold for longer.

  53. :

    I bought 2 bottles to go camping last weekend. Hubby warned me to get my new black bottle out of the sun as it would be super warm. He then used his new blue one and could see why I laughed at this suggestion! Will be great for nippers with the kids this year too let alone down at the park, in the car or anywhere else I go! Love our new bottles!

  54. (verified owner):

    I have always used swell bottles as they stay cold for 24hrs. I wanted to buy 6 for Christmas presents but the price of Swell was prohibitive. When I saw this great deal I thought I would give it a go. Well I can say they are as good as swell bottles with a much reduced price tag. You won’t be sorry if you purchase one. Mine stays in my hot car all through summer and the contents remain icy cold.

  55. (verified owner):

    The perfect item to keep breakfast smoothies, or the new craze with the “on the go” drinks, icy cold. I am a very slow drinker and this perfect to keep them drinkable for hours. When I go out they will be great for protein drinks and soups.

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