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Product Description

Protect the sensitive scales of your Thermomix® Appliances with the TM Essentials Slide Board.

The Slide Board is suitable to use with your Thermomix® Appliances and makes it easier and more efficient to move on the bench with ease. At only 3mm thick the Slide Board won’t raise the height of your Thermomix® Appliances ensuring you can peer in while cooking. Use the TM Essentials Slide Board to move your Thermomix® Appliances from the back of the counter to the front (and side) with no dragging or damaging the scales. To move your Thermomix® Appliance simply push your Thermomix with the Slide Board underneath (not the Slide Board itself).

No warped wooden boards, soggy felt under tiles or cut to size place mats. Available in a rainbow of colours to suit your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both the TM31 and TM5 Thermomix® Appliances and Bellini models
  • Protect the sensitive scales while safely moving your Thermomix® Appliances on the counter
  • Measures 30 x 30cm
  • Made of tough acrylic for durability and easy cleaning
  • Non pourous, will not stain or take in smells
  • Slide Board is lightweight, strong and highly portable
  • Only 3mm thick and doesn’t alter the use of the Thermomix® Appliances
  • Ideal to use with other kitchen appliances
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Hand wash only

Note: The TM Essentials Slide Board comes with a protective cover on either side that should be removed before use.

Food-Safe BPA-free Freezer-Safe



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Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Purple, White, Red, Green

  1. :

    Great idea!! Great idea. Saves my machine and my back as I have limited bench space and can easily slide my TM out if the way to use the bench for prep work etc.

  2. (verified owner):

    Just unwrapped this beautiful red slider,looks good seams to be easy to move my beloved Thermomix..

  3. (verified owner):

    Much nicer to look at than the old chopping board I was using.

  4. (verified owner):

    The red and white sliders are fantastic, look amazing on the bench! All my large kitchen appliances sit on sliders and move smoothly and effortlessly on the counter tops

  5. (verified owner):

    Fantastic product that is doing exactly the job I bought it for!

  6. (verified owner):

    Had been thinking of purchasing one and finally did and boy am I glad I did. I can now move it around my bench without worrying about hurting the scales. Very worth it.

  7. (verified owner):


  8. (verified owner):

    Wonderful thing. Wish I had purchased it immediately upon getting my Thermie, I am absolutely sure it would have saved a trip to hospital for Thermie, kids and hubby not quite as gentle and lifting each move as they could have been. Now I don’t need to worry anymore.

  9. (verified owner):

    I recently bought two sliders. One for myself and the other for my daughter who I bought the thermoix for ( I think her husband uses it and loves it more than she does). I use mine under my very heavy Bremix mixmaster. We both love the sliders for their practical uses.

  10. (verified owner):

    Top product should have bought its ages ago. Makes life really simple.

  11. (verified owner):

    Great idea and product, i wished id bought it sooner!

  12. (verified owner):

    At first Glance , thought will I really use this, but now can’t understand why I didn’t purchase sooner, I have grandchildren around , and always was a concern when doing some preparation, now no worries , so great product & so glad I made the purchase.

  13. (verified owner):

    love the slide so much easy than lifting the machine love the thermo mix

  14. (verified owner):

    Once I got the protective covering off (!!) I found it does exactly what it claims, and am very pleased. Black looks very smart too

  15. (verified owner):

    Love it! Black looks great under the white thermie (especially sitting on my grey benchtop, underneath my cream/black birds thermie cover!). I have to move my thermie every time I use it, so now it slides smoothly and I’m not worried about damaging the scales. Would recommend.

  16. (verified owner):

    Works a treat, Thanks

  17. (verified owner):

    Great product so easy to move the thermomix around without having to drag it and upset the scale mechanism.

  18. (verified owner):

    Wish I had bought one earlier

  19. (verified owner):

    Works extremely well with my TM31.

  20. (verified owner):

    It’s great. Very neat and striking in appearance. It makes sliding the thermie very easy. I’d thoroughly recommend it.

  21. (verified owner):

    The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy this 12 months ago! Best thing ever! I bought 2 for my 2 thermomixes!

  22. (verified owner):

    Love this product! I Was unsure if I “needed” it but I can definitely can see why I do. A friend recently had her thermie scales go and she hadn’t been using one. I’m more relaxed about the kids using the machine too now. They can just slide it across the bench no dramas. Thank you!

  23. (verified owner):

    Fantastic product looks great and does what it is supposed to do

  24. (verified owner):

    Great product keeps the scales safe and easy to access thermomix.

  25. (verified owner):

    I’m new to thermomix cooking but this board is great just slides across the bench. Wilk buy another for my kitchen maid.

  26. (verified owner):

    Fantastic wish i purchased earlier. I ordered one day and i had it the day later on normal delivery

  27. (verified owner):

    Great to be able to move my thermo around safely. Recommend this product.

  28. (verified owner):

    This is awesome, so happy to have such a smooth looking board under my bench too proud Thermie

  29. (verified owner):

    Works a treat. Nice and easy to move the Thermomix without worrying about the scales!

  30. (verified owner):

    Love the slider. Now I know I can move my thermomix and the scales are safe. Great idea

  31. (verified owner):

    Bought my slider and very happy with it. Gives me confidence that my thermo won’t get ruined by the men in the house that don’t appreciate how sensitive the scales are. Total relief.

  32. (verified owner):

    Product look great and slides Thermomix easily on the bench however it slides around when Thermomix is in use!

  33. (verified owner):

    Looks great and I can move my Thermie with ease – arrived vey quickly

  34. (verified owner):

    So easy to move my thermomix without risking damage to the scale sensors.

  35. (verified owner):

    Great product makes it easy to move my thermie around … Best Buy ever

  36. (verified owner):

    Absolutely love it. I’ve now bought three! Two for me, Thermomix has one and so does my coffee machine! Then one for my mums new Thermomix since they’re so fantastic.

  37. (verified owner):

    Fantastic product, just slides around my bench so easy

  38. (verified owner):

    Great product. My Bellini Supercook slides very easily on it!

  39. (verified owner):

    At first I was a bit dubious about purchasing a slide that looks so simple. Then I watched the video clips and thought it seemed to work well. So when my white slide arrived it was a quick unwrap and under my TM5. Just love it. It slides so easily and takes all the strain off my arms and the TM5. A must have for frequent Thermomix users. Fabulous item.

  40. (verified owner):

    Super handy – very happy with this useful product

  41. (verified owner):

    Brillant. So easy to slide. I always had my Thermie on a glass cutting board but this doesn’t slide like the purpose made board.

  42. (verified owner):

    I love it. Makes life easier when I’m sliding my Thermie on the bench. Looks much nicer than a cutting board as well. I also brought one for my toaster and kettle.

  43. (verified owner):

    This is the best idea ever. Never have to worry about moving my machine again

  44. (verified owner):

    Fantastic! Uma & Thurman love their seats ????

  45. (verified owner):

    LOVE this – makes moving my thermie much easier.

  46. (verified owner):

    Wonderful have just purchased a second one for my sister who’s going into a retirement village and will have limited space and cant lit hers it will be a blessing for her

  47. (verified owner):

    Love it, so much easier to move the thermomix. and I love the bright colour

  48. (verified owner):

    The slide board makes moving my thermomix very easy ! Definitely recommend this product for anyone who may have trouble moving their thermomix

  49. :

    Bought one for myself and daughter and then had one sent to my daughter in law so she could enjoy this great product. So easy to slide the Thermomix on the bench top.

  50. (verified owner):

    Fantastic product I now have all of my large kitchen appliances on slide boards , makes life much easiesr

  51. (verified owner):

    Simply fantastic. Slides awesome on a stone benchtop. So discrete too. Love love this product.

  52. (verified owner):

    Such a great thing, so much easier for moving thermie around on my bench

  53. (verified owner):

    I have a small kitchen, so the slider is invaluable, I can slide it out when I use it and have no worries about damaging the scales, essential really. thanks

  54. (verified owner):

    Simple but a fantastic product. Makes moving the Thermomix super easy.

  55. (verified owner):

    Best accessory ever slides easily and saves possible damage to thermomix scales

  56. (verified owner):

    Black slider looks perfect on my bench top and makes it so much easier to move my Thermomix around. Can’t believe I’ve lived without it for six years! Fast postage too! Thank you.

  57. (verified owner):

    I love this. It’s nice and slim and love the purple. Delivery was really fast as well.

  58. (verified owner):

    Love it, so simple but so functional

  59. (verified owner):

    Slides so easily very happy

  60. (verified owner):

    Great product, does job but more flexiable than i expected.

  61. (verified owner):

    I received my thermoslide yesterday and I am so pleased with it. I have lower back issues so lifting and repositioning my thermie was really difficult. It is so much easier now.

  62. (verified owner):

    The slide mat apart from looking classy makes it easier to move into position on the bench

  63. (verified owner):

    am extremely happy with my order and will be ordering another to place under my kitchen aid stand mixer

  64. (verified owner):

    I really love my side board……great investment.

  65. (verified owner):

    Slide board as I can now slide the thermo out without having to lift from under cupboard on the top.

  66. (verified owner):

    I love the ease of moving my thermie using the slide mat but please heed the warning not to leave it unattended. It can move with hard mixing.

  67. (verified owner):

    Every thermo should have one.

  68. (verified owner):

    I love the slide board. I have to my Thermomix each time i use it as i don’t have enough bench space to leave it in one location for storage and use. The slide board has made it so easy to slide forward and back again on the bench top forvuse and storage! Back saving also! Great idea!

  69. (verified owner):

    Every thermo should.come with one.

  70. (verified owner):

    Well made – excellent product and very fit for purpose. Makes moving the Thermi around the bench so much easier.

  71. (verified owner):

    Great idea. Very happy. Prompt delivery!!!

  72. (verified owner):

    Excellent item critical to those with a Thermomix to protect your scales definitely a must have.

  73. (verified owner):

    I feel so much better knowing that my thermie’s scales are protected with my slider! So good I bought my friend one!!

  74. (verified owner):

    Great. Wish I had bought this ages ago

  75. (verified owner):

    I was concerned about the thickness of the board when ordering but am very pleased with the sturdiness of it. I can slide my thermomix off one bench and to another with no problems. Also very easy to wipe clean.

  76. (verified owner):

    Great product. Now my thermomix is no longer sitting forwards on the counter but now housed in a corner and it slips and slides so easily for use. Wish I had known about this long ago. Think I might need a second one ????

  77. (verified owner):

    Love it. Really easy to use and so convenient.

  78. (verified owner):

    Wish I had this board sooner! Love how I don’t have to lift and place my TM everytime I use it and instead I can just slide it back and forth from back to front of my kitchen bench.

  79. (verified owner):

    Works very well. Glad it arrived before my Thermomix.

  80. (verified owner):

    Great product. Works perfectly and looks good

  81. (verified owner):

    Just fantastic !…Works perfectly

  82. (verified owner):

    Best investment has made moving thermomix on my bench a breeze

  83. (verified owner):

    Love it! Makes the TM so easy to move without damaging the scales! Delivery was super quick too

  84. (verified owner):

    I’m so pleased with the slide board I purchased from TM essentials. As I am limited for bench space it is so easy to push the Thermomix to the back of the bench after use.

  85. (verified owner):

    Love being able to slide thermione to the side out of arms reach of the children when it’s cooking without damaging it.

  86. (verified owner):

    This slide is fantastic. It smoothly slides my Thermie along my bench and has freed up more bench space in my small kitchen.

  87. (verified owner):

    Thanks tm-essentials with your your slide board. I love it for the ease of movement with my Thermo. Keep up the great work

  88. (verified owner):

    Love my red slider. So much easier to move the thermomix, it’s easy to clean, looks great!!! Wish I got it sooner!

  89. (verified owner):

    Great idea! Now I can move it quite easily instead of picking it up each time to move it closer to me !, thanks for the awesome service !!

  90. (verified owner):

    Excellent so much easier to move the thermomix on the bench.

  91. (verified owner):

    Much easier to move Thermie on the bench now.

  92. (verified owner):

    Yes i do love my Thermo matt, slides back and forth with ease. Love it.

  93. (verified owner):

    #1 Thermomix accessory, should be part of every Themomix package.
    So neat and slim, glides easily over the bench.

  94. (verified owner):

    Really makes using my thermomix a breeze! No more stress about damaging those fragile scales and the big plus of being able to move my thermomix in an instant to save precious bench space. This is a MUST buy for all thermomix owners.

  95. (verified owner):

    Very happy with the slide. Makes moving Thermie so much easier

  96. (verified owner):

    After having to send my Thermomix back to have the scales fixed. I feel a lot more confident using my machine with the slider. The perfect size and I really don’t notice it …seems like just part of the unit.

  97. (verified owner):

    Love the slide board so easy to move the thermomix now ????

  98. (verified owner):

    so great not to have to pick up thermomix to move everytime I want to use it

  99. (verified owner):

    This is awesome, loove the green. Its easy for me to move from bench to bench if i need to. Sooooo gooood

  100. (verified owner):

    The slide mat for Thermomix is an excellent product

  101. (verified owner):

    I think it is great, but I am a bit disappointed that it moves around on the bench when I use the dough function, even when I have it flush against the wall. I don’t like to leave it unattended.

  102. (verified owner):

    Happy with my two sliders looks classy and works great. Now have one for air fryer as well

  103. (verified owner):

    Received my slide board this week and it is great. No more forgetting to lift my Thermie.

  104. (verified owner):

    Bought 2. One for me and one as gift for friend. Put shiny black one under Thermie. Very impressed. Selfishly put second one under another appliance. Kept both. Very happy. ????

  105. (verified owner):

    Purchased one after having to send my Thermie back to have the scales repaired. Great product to protect my investment.

  106. (verified owner):

    I really like this product. Looks great on my bench and makes it really easy to move the Thermie around. I think the instructions about how to remove the brown coating could have been clearer. Whilst it did say to wash it in hot soapy water before use, it did not clarify that you also needed to use hot water to remove the plastic coating. However, very happy once I realised how to do this.

  107. (verified owner):

    What a great product, looks fabulous too! Very happy.

  108. (verified owner):

    Slide board is a great product. So easy just to slide forward rather than trying to carefully lift & place on bench ????????

  109. :

    I love this mat..I’ve had to have repairs done on my machine and I attribute it the the fact that I was dragging it across the bench top to move it..problem solved.

  110. (verified owner):

    This is a fantastic product, I have two, one for the thermomix and one for my old food processer that I still use. No more lifting, just a quick slide

  111. (verified owner):

    I recently bought 2 sliders and will be taking one of them to my Mum in the UK next month! Fantastic product…don’t know why I didn’t buy one months ago!

  112. (verified owner):

    Brilliant product. Still get a thrill when I realise that I don’t have to lift the Thermomix from the corner.

  113. (verified owner):

    I love the TM Slide Board. I have rearranged my kitchen benches as I am using my Thermomix a lot more. I can now move safely when it is being used and tuck it away when not in use. Thanks

  114. :

    Great idea- love it!
    Truly saves the machine from being picked up all the time.

  115. (verified owner):

    Finally no longer have to worry about picking the machine up from the back and the bench and moving it forward to use every time. Can now just effortlessly slide it forward. Brilliant!!

  116. (verified owner):

    Just received this and love it. I got a second one for my toaster and it’s a perfect fit for that too. Happy customer

  117. (verified owner):

    Great product and very easy to slide the thermomix to where you need it.

  118. (verified owner):

    Wish I had got one of these slide boards earlier……I am loving it!

  119. (verified owner):

    I am loving the slide board…..wish I had ordered one earlier…..

  120. (verified owner):

    I just love my slider. Being a shorty it makes such a difference now being able to pull my Thermomix closer to see inside the bow. I just wish I had bought one sooner!

  121. (verified owner):

    Looks good and works well!! Great idea ????

  122. (verified owner):

    It works it really works love that I can slide it and dont have to worry best buy ever white blends nicely barely noticable

  123. (verified owner):

    Unobtrusive and makes moving your thermoix to the front and rear of your bench a breeze.

  124. (verified owner):

    I wish I had known about this slider board at the time of purchase of my thermie! I had no idea the scales were in the feet and wish I had known this, I would have certainly been interested in purchasing this in the early days! Thank you for introducing an awesome product! I have told all my friends about it, most of whom have had thermie trips for repairs to scales already !

  125. (verified owner):

    Great product & so easy to move the Thermomix around the bench. Love it !

  126. (verified owner):

    An awesome product! I bought one for my bestie too ????

  127. (verified owner):

    Love the slider. It saves my back. Pity i didn’t know about it before. It’s good for me and my thermomix.

  128. (verified owner):

    great product – but made the mistake wanting to move the machine by moving the board and cut myself on it. Very sharp edges.

  129. :

    I got a black one to match my kitchen. Best thing ever. I can slide my machine back n forth and not worry about the scales or feet. Truly best thing I brought. So simple yet so good

  130. (verified owner):

    Great product! I think I will be buying a few more for some of my other bench-top appliances as well.

  131. (verified owner):

    What a great product. No longer have to worry about my partner pushing my thermo on the bench. I bought a red one, its shiny and matches my kitchen

  132. (verified owner):

    Excelent idea! I need to moove it since is sitting under my cupboard, makes my life so much easier!

  133. (verified owner):

    This slide board is totally brilliant. Lightweight yet strong and easy to manoeuvre my thermie in and out of the appliance cupboard whilst perched on top of the sliding board. Well worth buying even though others say to substitute for a chopping board, the sliding board protects both my bench top and my thermie. 10/10 score.

  134. (verified owner):

    I was delighted to receive my Slide Board as I generally have to move my Thermomix when I need to use it. The Slide Board works like magic and will save any damage to the weighing device. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  135. (verified owner):

    very helpful, glad i have purchased this.

  136. (verified owner):

    The slide board is great makes moving the Thermomix around on the bench so much easier.

  137. (verified owner):

    Great idea and works very well

  138. (verified owner):

    Great to use. Light and slides really smoothly

  139. (verified owner):

    Love the slide board, takes the worry out of damaging the scales when I move the Thermomix around on the bench

  140. (verified owner):

    The slide board is great,giving me easier access to my thermomix.

  141. (verified owner):

    Love it – so easy to move around the bench

  142. :

    Definitely works as intended, making light work of moving my TM5 around on the bench. I do find, however, that my white benchtops need to be very clean, free of grit and dry to ensure no streaks or marks are left on the bench from the sliding.

  143. (verified owner):

    Such a simple idea but so useful
    Good buy

  144. (verified owner):

    much easier and safer to move thermomix around the work bench. Love the red colour too!

  145. (verified owner):

    Great product, not too large and invasive. Fits perfectly under my Thermomix without taking up any more room on my bench and super easy to slide in and out. Wish I had purchased one sooner!!

  146. (verified owner):

    So much better- I was disapointed you had run out of white- but this is so much better easier to manouver.

  147. (verified owner):

    Great product!! Love it!!

  148. (verified owner):

    Wow What a great product. Highly recommend it. Perfect fit under the Thermie. Easy to clean, manoeuvre and does not warp.

  149. (verified owner):

    I wanted white but….Love my red slider. Does the job with ease and no effort on my part. Looks great too with my decor. Such a fashion statement! Good size and shape and doesnt look chunky under my Thermie.

  150. (verified owner):

    Fantastic product I love it and in purple. It does what it is supposed to do and not as hard on my back

  151. (verified owner):

    The Slide Board – what can I say. It’s a winner and I am using it for other appliances too. One for my Thermomix, one for my Overlocker and now another for my husband’s coffee machine. Love it!!

  152. (verified owner):

    Awesome ! Buy one before your Thermie arrives, its perfect for moving around the bench top, especially when wiping down the benches, not just for when your using your Thermie

  153. (verified owner):

    I already have a slide board for one of my appliances and really needed one for my airfryer. It has made life much better when manoeuvring the appliance from back of the bench to the front of the bench.

  154. (verified owner):

    I am so happy with the slide board that I recently purchased.I can now slide my TM on the bench without upsetting the scales,it is fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

  155. (verified owner):

    Absolutely love the slider! The Thermomix just floats effortlessly on the the bench! No more awkward lifting, ‘piece of cake really’!

  156. (verified owner):

    Recently bought 2 slide boards for my TM5 & my TM31. I’m very happy with my purchase being able to move them easily without damaging the scales especially my TM31 that lives in the cupboard and this has made lifting it out so much easier. Thanks for a quality product.

  157. (verified owner):

    Great product. Now I can move my TM31 without fear of damaging the scales. Great for limited workbench space

  158. (verified owner):

    The slide board is brilliant. Makes thermie life simple and looks stylish. Wish I purchased one sooner

  159. (verified owner):

    Very good buy, versatile and can use it under other appliances too

  160. (verified owner):

    Love it makes moving my TM so easy.

  161. (verified owner):

    Love the slide board and I bought one for my daughter who loves it too

  162. (verified owner):

    It is excellent. I wish that I had bought it when I first purchased my TM5.

  163. (verified owner):

    One of the best purchases I have made, so easy to move around knowing the scales aren’t getting damaged

  164. (verified owner):

    Love this slider, makes it so easy to move my T5 around as I have a bulging disc and not allowed to lift. Would suggest a ‘pull tag’ on each side to get the protective coating that it is shipped in off easier though as really hard to get a corner lifted so can peel it off.

  165. (verified owner):

    Thank you for a quick delivery of the two slides for my TM31 and TM5, they are so easy to slide around my long bench, no more lifting of my machines.

  166. (verified owner):

    This product is exactly as described and really makes a positive difference to cooking with the thermie – it really does glide effortlessly over the bench top & I’m glad I bought it 😊

  167. (verified owner):

    I ordered the slide and it was exactly what I wanted. Looks great, works perfectly and super quick delivery. Very happy with my purchase.

  168. (verified owner):

    fabulous. I wish I had bought them ages ago.

  169. (verified owner):

    I am so happy with my purchase of the tm-essentials slide board. It is so easy now to move my Thermomix forwards and sidewards from storage position on the kitchen bench. I am going to buy another one to put my coffee machine on.

  170. (verified owner):

    Great product. Works as described, looks great… no need to worry about Thermie’s sensitive little feet anymore

  171. (verified owner):

    I purchased the slide board & I am very pleased with it. It’s very easy to slide, so works well & I was very impressed with the no charge prompt delivery. Thanks TM Essentials.

  172. (verified owner):

    Love my slide board! It’s stylish and moves easily and safely on the kitchen bench also gives me that bit more room to view through the mc hole! Would highly recommend it to anyone who has a thermomix!

  173. (verified owner):

    Great product that slides easily except when the stone bench top is damp and then it sticks. Stops me from trying to lift my TM all the time!

  174. (verified owner):

    Great product.

  175. (verified owner):

    I learned only recently that rough movement of the Thermomix could damage the internal scales. No-one would intentionally treat their Thermomix roughly, but those rubber legs have a habit of snagging. The TM Essentials Slide Board eliminates the risk and makes moving the Thermy from one spot to another a breeze.

  176. (verified owner):

    the slide board is brilliant makes moving the thermomix much easier than having to pick it up all the time

  177. (verified owner):

    This product makes it so much easier.
    Should of got it ages ago.
    Now I don’t have to worry about the rest of the family using it .Thanks

  178. (verified owner):

    I absolutely love this product. I have a wide bench and the Slide Board makes it so easy to pull my Thermie closer when I want to use it.
    Saves my scales and my back!!

  179. (verified owner):

    Very happy with this slide. Does exactly as it should at a fraction of the cost of others.

  180. (verified owner):

    Great product. Makes the Thermy easy to move, yet it is very stable. A fabulous addition to my Thermomix accessories.

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