Lying halfway between a tiramisu and trifle, this is a delicious combination of coffee, white chocolate, raspberries and almonds. Perfect for Christmas lunch.

200 g slivered almonds
350 g black coffee
200 g Pedro Ximenez sherry
400 g sponge finger biscuits
200 g white chocolate
700 g heavy whipping cream, chilled
500 g frozen raspberries, partially thawed
½ cups raspberry jam, melted
175 g fresh raspberries

Toast the almonds at 210C for 5-7 minutes. Watch carefully to ensure they don’t burn.
Mix the coffee and sherry in a glass bowl.
Quickly submerge 1 biscuit in the coffee mix and place in bottom of trifle dish. Repeat with enough biscuits to cover bottom of dish.

The whipped white chocolate cream is made in two lots.
Batch 1:
Chop 70 g of white chocolate at Speed 8 for 3 seconds.
Add 70 g cream and melt at 70C, Speed 2 for 30 seconds.
Insert the butterfly. Add 200 g cream.
Whip at Speed 3.5 until soft peaks form, about 2-3 minutes.
Spread the white chocolate cream over the top of the biscuits.
Top with ½ of the frozen raspberries.
Batch 2:
Prepare the remaining whipped white chocolate cream by chopping 130 g white chocolate at Speed 8 for 3 seconds.
Add 130 g cream. Melt at 70C, Speed 2 for 30 seconds.
Insert the butterfly and add the remaining 300 g of cream and whip at Speed 3.5 for 3-4 minutes until soft peaks form.
Top trifle with a second layer of dipped biscuits, cover with melted raspberry jam, half of Batch 2 of the white chocolate cream and the remaining frozen raspberries.
Complete the third layer with remaining dipped biscuits and white chocolate cream.
Mound fresh raspberries in the centre of the trifle.
Sprinkle the toasted almonds around the edge.
Cover and chill at least 5 hours and up to 24 hours.
Serves 12-14. Keep refrigerated for 2-3 days.