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citrus presscitrus presscitrus presscitrus presscitrus press


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Product Description

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this multipurpose citrus press is ideal for any kind of citrus. The bowl has the perfect size for lemons, limes and other small fruits like cherry tomatoes; this is the perfect gift for food lovers who enjoy adding something new to their kitchen repertoire; use it to create mouth-watering marinades, cocktails, dressing, desserts and juices

This citrus press gets every last drop of juice out of your lemons and limes for your morning tea or afternoon margarita so that additional hand squeezing is not needed. All the pulp, seeds and rind are left in the bowl while collecting only the juices leaving you with a fresh, healthy and delicious treat

This professional grade citrus press is made from aluminium alloy and is powder coated for durability with a non-stick finish. Complete with rubber handles, it is moisture-resistant and feel comfortable in your hand. It will not crack with hand pressure and is made to withstand daily wear and tear – whether it be light home kitchen use or heavy bar usage. The resistant coating will not rust or react to citrus juices. Simply wash, dry and store after every use

Key Features:

  • Professional grade citrus press
  • Made from aluminium alloy with a powder coated finish
  • Rubber handles for comfort and grip
  • Quickly and efficiently squeeze lemons, limes and more
BPA-free Food-Safe Dishwasher-safe


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