Greek Yoghurt Strainer
Greek Yoghurt Strainer
Greek Yoghurt Strainer
Greek Yoghurt Strainer
Greek Yoghurt Strainer
Greek Yoghurt Strainer
Greek Yoghurt Strainer

Greek Yoghurt Strainer

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Now you can prepare Greek yoghurt dishes quickly and easily. This unique, BPA-free yoghurt strainer transforms up to 1.9 litres of ordinary yoghurt into thick, creamy Greek yoghurt in a matter of hours. Enjoy Greek yoghurt as a delicious healthy snack, in dips and salad dressings, and for cooking sauces and other recipes.

You can even use the Yoghurt Strainer to strain vegetable and fruit juices, almond or rice milk, straining paneer and tofu, making ricotta, clarifying butter, and sprouting nuts and seeds.

No more balancing cheesecloth over a jug in the fridge or finding somewhere to suspend your nut milk bag. Our Yoghurt Strainer contains a superfine stainless steel mesh and comes complete with a lid for convenient storage in the fridge or on the counter for sprouting nuts and seeds.

Key Features:

  • Strainer makes Greek yoghurt or Labneh (yoghurt cheese) from standard yoghurt
  • Can be used with store-bought or homemade yoghurt
  • Perfect for straining vegetable and fruit juices
  • Use to strain whey from tofu, paneer and ricotta
  • Perfect for straining milk solids when clarifying butter
  • Strain nut or rice milks
  • Can be used to sprout seeds and nuts
  • Simply pour in up to 1.9 litres of yoghurt and place in refrigerator for up to 18 hours
  • BPA-free
  • Includes fine-mesh stainless steel strainer
  • Sealing lid doubles as a serving tray
  • Recipes included
  • Clean gently by hand washing; air dry. Product is not dishwasher-safe

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