Bread Bakers Bundle - Everything you need to bake the perfect loaf

Get everything you need to bake the perfect loaf bread at home and fill your kitchen with the divine smell of freshly baked bread and SAVE 15% on our Bundle buying separately.

The Bread Bakers Bundle includes a 900g Loaf Pan with Removable Lid, Large Baking Mat, Green Silicone Spatula, Red Pastry Brush, Instant Digital LCD Cooking Thermometer and a Red Butter Crock.

Get our recipe for Perfect White Bread here and our Perfect Gluten, Egg and Dairy-free Bread here.

Included in this awesome bundle is our Jumbo 900g Commercial Grade Loaf Pan with removable lid to make either high top or square loaves of bread. Our loaf pan has straight sides and a sliding lid that you can use together with your Thermomix® to bake high tops or square sandwich loaves. Using this to bake bread results in a golden brown colour with even sides that are easy to cut in uniform slices.

Complete with a non-stick finish and large 900g jumbo size, fill your kitchen with the smell of freshly baked bread. And for a crispy crust just like freshly baked bread from the bakery, our loaf pan contains 5 steaming holes in the base. These can be covered with baking paper when baking cakes making this pan the perfect choice for loaves of bread or jumbo sized banana cakes.

Plus we've included our Large Baking Mat to prove your bread or to bake rustic shaped loaves. Our Baking Mat provides a great non-stick work surface for kneading, rolling and shaping your dough. Just dust lightly with flour. Made from fibreglass reinforced food grade silicone and is oven safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe.

Use our Silicone Spatula to get all the dough quickly and easily from your bowl and use it to cut dough on your Baking Mat. It will be your most favourite kitchen accessory (after your Thermomix®).

Our Instant Digital LCD Cooking Thermometer will make it easy for you to know when your bread is ready (between 95-99°C). It's also ideal to use when roasting meats.

And to serve soft spreadable butter, we've included one of our ceramic Butter Crocks. Just place water in the base of the crock for soft, spreadable butter year round.