Say goodbye to disposable, single-use products with our range of eco-friendly and reusable products. These are the perfect substitute for disposable plastic kitchen and baking ware. Each piece is made with premium food-grade materials making them durable enough to be reused over and over again! 100% safe for daily use. And since all of our reusable products are BPA- and phthalate-free, you can be sure that they're 100% safe for your family.

Set of 4 Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags

Our TM Essentials Set of 4 Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags are eco-friendly and recyclable which makes them a better choice for storing fresh or frozen produce, snacks, leftovers and so much more!

Cut down on waste and save money while keeping fruits, veggies, and meats fresh for longer and safe from contaminants with these Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags.
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Set of 2 Reusable Non Stick Baking Liners

Our set of 2 Baking Liners will instantly turn your oven tray, slice trays or even roasting pans into an instant non-stick cooking surfaces that are easy to clean.

No need to use messy sprays, oils or butter on the surface of your trays when baking. And lining oven trays with baking paper or alfoil will be a thing of the past.

Simply place our Reusable Baking Liner in your oven tray for an instant non-stick surface that is easy to clean when baking, roasting, grilling or even oven shelf lining.
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Set of 6 Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids

Our Silicone Stretch Lids fit perfectly over round containers and dishes of different sizes. They are also great for covering open cans and jars to keep contents fresh.

Half-cut fruits and veggies that you'll use for future recipes are best kept and preserved with our TM Essentials Set of 6 Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids.

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Reusable Non Stick Silver Oven Tray Liner

Our commercial-quality reusable Oven Liner is designed to stay on the bottom of your oven to catch all drips and spills when you are roasting or baking.

Baking residue that would normally stick and burn to your oven floor will land on our liner which can then be easily cleaned off with warm, soapy water.

No need to clean the bottom of your oven ever again because our Liner means no more food and spills stuck and burnt on the oven floor. Reusable on both sides and is suitable for all types of ovens and can be cut to fit.

Simply wash with soapy water to clean and reuse.
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Reusable Non Stick BBQ Grill Liner

The perfect non-stick reusable Teflon coated BBQ Grill Liner to use on home BBQs and in the park. It's reusable, reversible and easy to clean.

Our BBQ Grill Liners will make your BBQs more enjoyable as you will never need to worry about food sticking and the cumbersome chore of cleaning BBQ plates will be a thing of the past.
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Reusable Collapsible Straws

A compact, collapsible full-sized metal straw that helps you to drink your cold brew and drinks anywhere without worrying about paper straws disintegrating.

This ingenious metal straw is collapsible and reusable, is designed with a noble purpose - to end the use single-use plastic straws.
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Reusable Non Stick Frying Pan Liner

Our Reusable Non-stick Frying Pan Liners let you fry anything without adding fats or oils. Turn any pan into a non-stick frying pan and cook your next meal with the knowledge that it won't stick to the pan.

Scrubbing frying pans to remove cooked on egg, pancakes, steak or sausages and other burnt foods will be a thing of the past. Simply remove the liner and wash in warm soapy water. The Teflon coating means nothing will stick when you are cooking or when you are cleaning up.
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