About Us

We believe that we need to treat our customers, the same way that I want to be treated from others. And if more businesses did that, wouldn’t our life be easier! We are not an anonymous business, nor are we the one of the ‘big boys’. We are also not perfect, but we do try to do our best by our customers and suppliers.

I started TM Essentials in November 2012 –the same time that I purchased my Thermomix® TM31. I was so excited and wanted to get ready to cook up a storm as soon as it arrived. I’d been contemplating my purchase for close to a year and was well and truly hyped up to create. My search for specific Thermomix® accessories came up short very quickly – there was simply no one creating a range of accessories to make life cooking with a Thermomix® easier. And that’s when I decided it would be me. A couple of nights brainstorming in the lounge, coming up with a business name, a domain name (I wish someone had told me not to include a hyphen – but oh well) and product ideas.

Our first products were launched in January 2013 – a total of 3 items: Spatulas in one colour, a silicone baking mat and a mini-cake mold. I was still working full time and getting our very small number of orders out in the evening. I continued working full-time for another 18 months while we grew our range of products and our order numbers, and then took the big leap to focus solely on TM Essentials.

And we have continued from there. I am focussing on growing the range of TM Essentials products to give you more cooking inspiration – the most of which come from suggestions from people like you. We still operate from home and my lounge room is regularly lost to boxes of stock – and I love it (as do our cats). I love talking to our customers and feel like I’m chatting to an old friend. I love cooking and eating healthy. I’ve just discovered scuba diving and it’s completely addictive and so much fun!


We operate our business under these guiding principles


If you have any ideas for new products or wish to leave us feedback, feel free to reach out to me at enquiries@tm-essentials.com.au.

Happy Thermomixing