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Product Description

Two watertight pots with a convenient carry strap and spork.

The two pots have an ingenious watertight locking seal. It allows you to separate your yoghurt and granola, or noodles and fruit salad and is the perfect vessel for carrying your meals to work. Another clever feature is that when you are finished eating, the small pots nests in the big pot for compact carrying.

The Lunch Pot is microwave safe, but make sure you unfasten the lid, before microwaving. Two minutes maximum in one go and repeat if further heating is required.


Key Features

  • Two watertight pots with a convenient carry strap and spork
  • Includes spork and carry strap
  • Smaller pot fits in larger pot for compact carrying when empty
  • Length 11.5cm x Height 19cm
  • Capacity: Total Capacity – 850ml; 1st pot 300 ml, 2nd pot 550ml
  • Made from polypropylene and copolyester (BPA free)
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • If a vacuum forms in one of your containers, it will not be possible to untwist the lid. The vacuum can be simply released, by pushing the end tips of your spork under the seal to allow air into the container. This will break the vacuum and you will then be able to twist open the lid.


BPA-free Dishwasher-safe microwave-oven-safe




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