Thermomix Gluten Free Bliss Balls

High protein healthy gluten free bliss balls are fantastic as an anytime snack. Change the coatings to suit your tastes or what’s in the pantry.

Bliss Ball coatings
50 grams pistachios
50 grams hazelnuts
30 grams dessicated coconut
30 grams cocoa powder

Bliss Balls
230 grams hazelnuts
180 grams almonds
250 grams dates
70 grams dessicated coconut
30 grams cocoa powder
50 grams honey
50 grams hot water
1 tsp vanilla essence

For the Bliss Ball coatings
Chop the pistachios at Speed 5 for 10 seconds. Set aside.
Chop the hazelnuts at Speed 5 for 7 seconds. Set aside.
For the Bliss Balls
Chop the hazelnuts and almonds at Speed 8 for 30 seconds.
Add remaining ingredients and chop at Speed 8 for 1 minute.
Form the mixture into small balls and roll in one of the outer coatings as desired.

Makes 48 Bliss Balls.