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In Delicious Journeys, Nico Moretti, founder of Cooking Passions Cooking School, takes you on a world tour of some of his favourite make-at-home dishes from around the globe.

From Italy to Indonesia, or Sri Lanka to South America, Nico believes that to explore cultures through their food is to break down any boundaries in language and embrace the universality of the love of good food and shared tastes.

Delicious Journeys, is a cookbook filled with a collection of over 80 simple, delicious, step-by-step recipes which capture the flavours of the world and will inspire you to take your own delicious journey at home, to share with family & friends.

Delicious Journeys, as well as being a conventional cookbook, is one of the first cookbooks in the world to include the Thermomix® Appliances methods on the same page as the conventional method, allowing you the opportunity to see how those recipes have been converted over.

With step-by-step class recipes from the cooking school’s latest six years, Delicious Journeys takes you on a world tour of some favourite make-at-home dishes from around the globe, from French Bistro to Italian pastas to spicy curries through to decadent desserts.

These recipes are compatible with all Thermomix® Appliances as well as other brands of thermal mixers.





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