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TM Essentials Steaming Essentials suitable for use with the Varoma® Appliance

TM Essentials Steaming Essentials suitable for use with the Varoma® Appliance

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steaming accessories Thermomix

All of the Steaming Essentials

Steaming is easy and healthy. And, we have the best tools to get you steaming up a storm. We’ve bundled our top steaming tools together so that you can save when buying together.

In this hugely discounted Bundle, you get
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Steaming Dish
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Trivet
  • a Set of 6 Silicone Egg Poaching Cups
  • a Set of 6 Stainless Steel Dariole Molds
Basically, everything you need to start steaming dinner, vegies, cakes and desserts.

steaming Varoma Thermomix

Steaming Goodness

The TM Essentials Stainless Steel Steaming Dish is the perfect size for steaming vegetables, fish, chicken, meats or dumplings. And when used with our V Stacker, is perfect for steaming larger pieces of fish or meats in a marinade or sauce.

Use our Steaming Dish to steam your favourite dumplings without the need for paper liners. Or, add a sauce to any dish without it escaping into your Mixing Bowl.

Our Stainless Steel Steaming Dish is suitable for use with the Varoma® Appliance. Add some Shaoxing wine, sesame oil and soy sauce for an instant sauce and added flavour to your steamed dishes.

Or just use the TM Essentials Stainless Steel Steaming Dish to simply steam and use to serve direct from Varoma® Appliance to your dining table.
steaming Dariole Molds Thermomix

Food-grade Stainless Steel Trivet

Our 100% Stainless Steel Trivet is suitable for use with the Varoma® Appliance.

The trivet will raise meats, chicken, fish or vegetables from the base of your Steaming Attachment and allow for maximum steam flow when cooking.

Our Trivet is perfect for steaming foods that would otherwise block the steaming holes in your Steaming Attachment. And unlike like regular trivets.

Our trivet is 100% stainless steel making it safe to come into contact with your food.
dariole molds Thermomix

Perfect for Puddings, Ice Creams and other Treats

Our set of 6 Stainless Steel Dariole Molds is suitable for use with the Varoma® Appliance. Use them to when steaming, in your oven, or place frozen treats straight in your freezer.

And if you have one of our V Stackers, these will fit on the middle tray of your Steaming Attachment.

Each Dariole Mold measures 70mm high x 65mm diameter with 180ml capacity. The perfect size for single size servings of puddings, ice creams, caramels or custards.
Thermomix muffin molds

Make Perfect Poached Eggs Fast

Imagine making your family a simple and healthy breakfast? Poach eggs quickly and easily in your Steaming Attachment and save minutes off cooking time even in your busiest mornings. Our set of 6 TM Essentials Silicone Egg Poaching Cups are made just for you!

No more stringy floating mess in the water and and disintegrating eggs in your Mixing Bowl. With a quick rinse, the non-stick poaching cups can be cleaned or placed in the dishwasher. No need to scrape and scrub.
It’s time to get your Varoma® Appliance out and get steaming with our specially designed products suitable to use with your Thermomix® Appliance and save with our Steaming Essentials Bundle.

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