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Set of 2 TM Essentials ThermoBowl Straps to secure the lids of ThermoBowls

Set of 2 TM Essentials ThermoBowl Straps to secure the lids of ThermoBowls

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Designed for use with TM Essentials Set of 2 ThermoBowls

Our Set of 2 ThermoBowl Straps are designed for use with the TM Essentials ThermoBowls to keep your hot food hot, and cold food cold for even longer.

Our ThermoBowl Straps make our ThermoBowls so much more versatile and useful.

Not only do they keep the ThermoBowl lids in place, but they make our ThermoBowls more effective by forming a tighter fit of the ThermoBowl lids. That means they will keep your hot food hot, and your cold food cold for even longer.

*ThermoBowls are not included

Perfect solution to keep ThermoBowl lids secure

Our Set of 2 ThermoBowl Straps are designed keep the lids of our ThermoBowls in place on both the 2.6 litre and 1.4 litre ThermoBowls.

Our ThermoBowl lids rest on top of the ThermoBowl and do not form a seal. If the lid was to seal, it would form a vacuum lock that would be impossible to break.

Our Set of 2 ThermoBowl Straps solve this problem by keeping the lids on our ThermoBowls secure. They also enhance the temperature-keeping power of the ThermoBowls by creating a tighter fit of the lids.

Easy to Use and Clean

Our ThermoBowl Straps are made of 100% food-grade silicone and come with finger grips to make them easy to attach and remove.

And once the ThermBowl Straps are in place, the ThermoBowl lid and contents will stay exactly where they need to be.

To clean, simply pop in the dishwasher or hand wash.

More Versatility for your ThermoBowls

The ThermoBowl Straps will keep the lids of the ThermoBowls secure and are perfect for when you want to take meals to family or a friend's house, on a picnic or BBQ, or even to carry to the neighbours.

Plus they are ideal for use at home to keep the ThermoBowl lids secure on the counter or in the fridge when storing leftovers.


  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes finger grips to make it easy to apply and remove
  • Enhances the temperature-keeping ability of the ThermoBowls as the lids will have a tighter fit
  • Keeps the lids of the ThermoBowls secure when on the go or at home
  • Comes in a range of colours including Black, Red, Purple, Blue, and Pink to colour coordinate with our best selling TM Essentials Silicone Spatulas
  • Both straps fit inside the small ThermoBowl when nested inside the large ThermoBowl for convenient and accessible storage
  • Dimensions: Large Strap : 22 cm diameter, Small Strap :18 cm diameter

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Set of 2 ThermoBowl Straps

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