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Reusable Collapsible Straws with Cleaning Squeegee and Carry Case

Reusable Collapsible Straws with Cleaning Squeegee and Carry Case

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Compact and Portable Reusable Straws

A compact, collapsible full-sized metal straw that helps you to drink your cold brew and drinks anywhere without worrying about paper straws disintegrating.

This ingenious metal straw is collapsible and reusable, is designed with a noble purpose - to end the use single-use plastic straws.

Eco-Friendly is the Goal

It can be difficult to change habits, but it is obvious that changing our habits with plastic straws can help the planet greatly. And our collapsible straws offer a simple solution to this issue.

Each straw measures 23cm long and folds down into a container that measures only 7.3cm tall x 3cm square - the perfect size to pop into a handbag, lunch box or backpack.

Safe and Easy to Use

Each straw is made of a stainless steel outer with an inner section of high-quality food-grade silicone.

And to keep the inside of your straw clean and ready for use every time you need it, each set includes a squeegee cable with a silicone tip.

Our Reusable, Collapsible Straws are easy to use and comfortable on the teeth, perfect for any hot or cold beverages.

Lightweight and User-friendly

Easy to carry with you anywhere you go and available in a range of beautiful colours. Packed in a colourful gift box without plastic, it's the perfect gift for anyone who wants to save the environment.

Here's how you fold our Collapsible Straw back to it's case

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