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Silicone Snack Bar Mold to make 8 bake or no bake bars

Silicone Snack Bar Mold to make 8 bake or no bake bars

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Simple Pop Out Snack Bar Mold

Prepare homemade snacks, and muesli bars with our Silicone Snack Bar Mold.

The lightweight non-stick silicone pan makes it easy to make and remove single serve snack bars.

Countless Healthy Recipe Ideas

Find out how healthy and inexpensive it is to make your own raw or baked snack bars for snacks, lunch boxes or any occasion quickly and easily.

Your kids can take snacks that you know exactly what are in them.

Snack Bars you'd Love!

You can use them to create a variety of snack bars or treats, including raw snack bars, crunchy muesli bars, baked goods, chocolate bars, flavoured ice cream bars and ice blocks and more!

Each mold makes 8 snack bars.

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