Food Containers Savers

Thermomix ® ThermoBowls
TM Essentials Wide Neck Silicone Funnel for pouring thick sauces, jams
TM Essentials Silicone Bowl Cover to fit Thermomix® Bowl
Thermomix ® Ceramic Butter Crock
Thermomix ® Freezer Pod
TM Essentials BPA-free Reusable Food Pouches - 1 litre x 10 Pouches
TM Essentials Set of 4 Silicone Food Huggers to replace Cling Wrap
TM Essentials Silicone Perfect Cube Tray
TM Essentials Traditional Ceramic 1 liter Fermentation Crock
Tm Essentials Burger Master for Shaping and Storing Burger Patties
Thermomix ® MoBin
TM Essentials Stainless Steel Scoop for your bulk food storage
Thermomix®Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers with Leak Proof Lids (Set of 3 )
TM Essentials Wide Necked 600ml Vacuum Insulated Food Storage Containers