Starter Bundle perfect for the new Thermomix® owner

Save when you buy the perfect Bundle for every new Thermomix® owner. This bundle includes a Slide Board, a Silicone Spatula and a set of our Blade Brushes. Our Starter Bundle includes what we consider the top essentials every Thermomix® owner should have. You get a Slide Board, a Silicone Spatula plus a set of our Blade Brushes.

Protect the sensitive scales of your Thermomix® appliance with our Slide Board. Not only will our Slide Board let you move your Thermomix® easily on the counter but it will be your biggest protector of your scales.

At only 3mm thick our Slide Board won’t raise the height of your Thermomix® Appliance ensuring you can peer in while cooking. No more lifting your Thermomix®, simply slide it with ease. (Side note - who lifts a 7kg+ machine? I used to drag mine across the bench - a big no no.)

Don't place your Thermomix® on a wooden chopping board or other type of raised board. The raised board itself will vibrate and damage your scales. Our Slide Board will not vibrate when your machine is in use. It's narrow profile means that your Thermomix® will function in the same way as if it was sitting directly on your counter top.

Use our Silicone Spatula to get all the goodness out of your Thermomix® Appliances Bowl. The silicone blade is designed to fit the length of your Bowl so you can scrape it clean hassle-free. Not only this silicone spatula is safe for cutting on your silicone baking mats, it can also spread pizza sauces evenly effortlessly.

And with our double-ended Blade Cleaning Brushes you will be able to get into the smallest gap between the blades and the base. Use it to remove dough, chocolate, meats - all those items that are impossible to get to. It's made from stainless steel wire and nylon bristles and will never rust. In fact, our Blade Brushes will last you at least a year.

This cleaning brush with double ends is designed for specialty uses. The tube brush tip is perfect for removing small food particles under or between the blades, while the tapered tip is great for cleaning the nooks and crannies of the base of your Thermomix Appliance.