Cleaning Bundle to make caring for your Thermomix® a breeze

So you took the plunge and bought a Thermomix, what now? Well, first of all, you can enjoy preparing delicious meals effortlessly in as little time as possible. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure to take proper care of your appliance. It starts by finding the best way of cleaning it.

We care about your Thermomix as much as you do. For this reason, we offer a bundle of all the tools you need to keep your device squeaky clean.

Save when you purchase our favourite cleaning products together in a bundle. Keep your Thermomix® Appliances shiny and sparkling new with our super popular Cleaning Bundle. This bundle includes a set of Bowl Brushes, a Microfibre Drying Mat, a set of our Blade Brushes, a euroSCRUBBY Original and a euroSCRUBBY Sponge.

Our Bowl Brushes are perfect to clean your Thermomix® Appliances bowl quickly and easily. They come in a set of 2 so you will always have a spare on hand. Thanks to their design, you’ll be able to clean your appliances without hassle. They fit perfectly in your TM bowl, so you can make them ready for future use in no time.

Cleaning the blades can often be a daunting task. You need to be very careful about damaging them, or even hurting yourself. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve designed the brushes to let you clean the blades safely and easily. Our Blade Cleaning Brushes are soft enough so they won't scratch your blades but have the strength to get the most difficult food out of that little gap between the blades and the base. The stainless steel wire will never rust and these will last you for at least a year.

What do you do when food residue is too hard to clean? There’s a high chance that you need to scrub the bowl hard in order to remove it. This isn’t only inconvenient but can also damage your bowl. This is where the euroSCRUBBY comes in.

The euroSCRUBBY® will remove the most stubborn food without scratching your bowl. It is perfect any time you get burnt on food at the base of your bowl - no need for egg shell washes, soaking overnight or scratching at burnt on food with your fingernails. Just use our durable scourer to keep your bowl as shiny as when you first purchased it.

And our thick, quick drying, microfibre Drying Mat protects your counter tops while absorbing moisture when drying your bowl and blades. It is the highest quality drying mat on the market and has sewn bound edges and comes in a range of beautiful colours to suit any kitchen. It can help you dry your dishes and utensils much faster. It also ensures that the blades don’t damage the surface while drying. You can wash the mat in a washing machine and it will dry quickly after washing.

This bundle will ensure that you have everything you need to preserve the condition of your Thermomix. They will make maintenance much easier and extend the life of your valuable appliance. If you’re looking for a variety of tools that can make cleaning easy, this bundle can be the perfect choice. Better yet, it will also save you money.