Care & Cleaning

TM Essentials Slide Board to protect your sensitive Thermomix® scales
TM Essentials Set of 2 Blade Cleaning Brushes for your Thermomix® Blades
euroSCRUBBY® Original Scourer to Clean your Thermomix®Bowl
TM Essentials Set of 2 Bowl Brushes to use with your Thermomix®
TM Essentials Heavy Duty 2 Piece Travel Bag to use with Thermomix® TM5 and TM31
TM Essentials Microfibre Drying Mat to use in Place of a Drying Rack
TM Essentials 900g Jumbo Sized Bread Loaf Pan with Removable Lid
TM Essentials TM5 Screen Protectors to protect your TM5 Thermomix® Screen
TM Essentials Silicone Bowl Cover to fit Thermomix® Bowl
TM Essentials Protective Cover designed for Thermomix® TM31 and TM5
euroSCRUBBY® Sponge to Clean your Thermomix®Bowl
TM Essentials Clear Protective Cover for Thermomix® TM31 and TM5
Starter Bundle perfect for the new Thermomix® owner
TM Essentials Set of 4 Silicone Food Huggers to replace Cling Wrap
euroSCRUBBY® XL Scourer to Clean Large Items
TM Essentials XL Clear Protective Cover to fit Thermomix® TM5 and TM31 with Varoma® in place
Cleaning Bundle to make caring for your Thermomix® a breeze
MoBin Starter Bundle of 28 Spice Containers plus 176 Spice Labels
euroSCRUBBY® Mix and Match
TM Essentials Set of 320 Pantry and Spice Labels for Ultimate Organisation