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Cooking for Large Families with your Thermomix

If you have a lot of mouths to feed under your roof, or perhaps are dealing with an unexpected visit from friends or relatives, you better have a recipe handy if you want to serve a proper meal that's suited for a large group. Below are three excellent food ideas that can easily be prepared by beginner-level Thermomix users: No-fry Fried Rice, Buttered Chicken, and Chickpea Hummus.

1. No Fry Fried Rice

Photo credit: recipecommunity.com.au

This recipe may look similar with the stir-fry rice dish, but it's actually cooked via a nice, slow steam. It's done by mixing in bacon or barbecued chicken with regular rice after it cooks, and then flavoring the mixture with oyster and/or soy sauce. You can also make the dish healthier by adding in your choice of vegetables. Carrots, corn kernels and green peas are the most common. Three hundred fifty grams of rice can easily feed up to 8 people. If you want to adjust the recipe to accommodate more guests, simply add increments of 50g for each added person.


2. Butter Chicken

Photo credit: skinnymixers.com.au

This one goes well with the fried rice recipe above, although regular rice would probably be a better match since buttered chicken will be bursting with enough flavour already. The sauce is prepared with different but complementary spices, and it would surely be impressive if you can mix and match your own. The ones often used are curry powder, garam masala or Indian spice mix, or tandoori paste. Be sure to take it easy on the spices, especially if there are children dining at the table. You can use TM Essentials' 4-in-1 Double-sided Measuring Spoon for precise measurement. Chicken breast or thighs are the best meat parts to use for this dish and a kilo of it would be enough to feed 4-6 people.


3. Chickpea Hummus

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More of an appetizer rather than a full-fledged dish, chickpea hummus is frequently enjoyed with nachos or pita bread. Also, have you tried it with baked potato chips? With hummus, it surely bring out the flavour of the potatoes. To make this delicious condiment, just blend the following ingredients together: chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, tahini, salt and pepper. If you feel that your spicy buttered chicken is too spicy, you can dip it in the hummus to temper the spices. Make sure that the lemon juice you created for this recipe is fresh. To be sure, squeeze handpicked ones via the TM Essentials Lemon and Lime Squeezer.


With these quick and easy recipes, you'll ensure a hearty dinner for everyone without cutting down on flavor.

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