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Belly Warming Thermomix Soups

How would you describe a perfect winter's day? One might think that there's no better way to keep the chill out than snuggling up in a blanket with all your loved ones surrounding you.

But how about snuggling with your family inside your cosy home AND sipping a warm bowl of soup? Now that's a perfect way to pass the time during winter. Store your soups for in our TM Essentials 600ml Thermos for packed lunches - available here.

Here's a list of our top 10 Thermomix soups that'll keep your belly full and happy during winter. Have fun cooking!

1.Roasted Pumpkin, Garlic, and Sage Soup

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Nothing feels more winter-y than pumpkins! Make this pumpkin soup recipe from Add some sage leaves and garlic to this soup to create that exceptional aromatic flavour. This dish can warm you up during your hiking trip. To make sure that the soup won't spill in your bag and it stays hot for a long period of time, you can store it in a Wide Neck Steel Thermos from TM Essentials.

2.Chicken and Corn Soup

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For a more traditional flavour, you can never go wrong with Chicken and Corn soup. This recipe from is very easy to make and only needs a few ingredients. However, it has a creamy texture and slightly sweet taste that can brighten up your day!

3.Creamy Bacon and Vegetable Soup

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This is a soup that's perfect for picky eaters. It can easily be done with some left over bacon and veggies. The recipe from can be used as a perfect appetizer for fish or meat dishes!

4.Skinnymixer's No Fat Tomato Soup

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Don't know what to do with those extra tomatoes? Make some healthy tomato soup! This recipe from will keep your family warm and full this winter, without worrying too much about gaining extra weight.

5.Cauliflower, Pancetta, and Lentil Soup

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You may not be able to visit Italy, but you can still enjoy an authentic Italian dish by trying this recipe from Creamy cauliflower, salty pancetta, and yummy lentil in a warm soup? Delizioso! Host a fancy dinner party with your family by preparing other classic meals such as vegetable lasagne roll ups or spinach & cheese manicotti.

6.Barley and Autumn Vegetable Soup

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This recipe from will keep your family energized because of its veggie and barley ingredients. A fulfilling and hearty meal for the cold months ahead!

7.Sweet Potato, Lime, and Coconut Soup

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If you love to add sweet coconut milk in your dishes, then this recipe should be added to your menu!'s soup is sweet, creamy, slightly tangy, and absolutely delicious, thanks to the combination of coconut milk, veggies, and spices.

8.Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

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Just like the Chicken and Corn soup, Cream of Mushroom is traditional, but nonetheless tasty and fulfilling dish. The recipe from is quick to prepare, especially if you have your Thermomix!

9.Rockpool's Cream of Cauliflower Soup with Parmesan

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For a simpler cauliflower soup, this recipe from will keep your family happy for the rest of the winter! The Parmesan just adds that dash of saltiness that you can never get enough of!

10.Green Power Soup

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If you (and if you can convince your family) want a taste of some Kale soup this winter, then you can try this recipe from Kale offers a surplus of Vitamin A, K, C, B6, Manganese, Calcium, and many more.

Create a scrumptious meal within minutes! Keep the cold out this winter while keeping yourself and your family's tummy warm and full.

Grab your TM Essentials Thermos for storing your soup here.

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