Fresh Ginger Steamed Pudding

A version of this Thermomix® pudding recipe was one of the first I ever developed for the TM Essentials Pudding Steamer. I must say though, it initially lacked wow factor and I never revisited it as a family favourite. So one day I thought let’s totally rework the whole ginger pudding concept with a healthier spin on it. Thinking it the plainer of my puddings, then it should be at least the healthiest option and have something else going for it. So I made it purely with sugar alternatives, replaced the flour content with spelt, and added crystallised pieces of ginger to really give it some extra punch. I even coated the greased buttered pudding steamer with mixed spices to add extra flavour that wouldn’t overtake the overall ginger theme. All these changes really did transform it into something quite special. Now, even the members in our family normally not so keen on ginger, all pronounce it a great pudding. Happy Baking, Vanita  x


180g white spelt flour
45g wholemeal spelt flour
1 tspn bi-carbonate soda
1 tspn baking powder
½ tspn ground cardamom
35g fresh ginger, peeled
50g unsalted butter
225g milk
40g coconut sugar
80g honey
50g crystallised or naked ginger
80g raisins
25g butter
1 tbspn all spice or mixed spice


Add 180g white spelt flour, 45g of wholemeal spelt flour, 1 tspn of bi-carbonate soda, 1 tspn of baking powder and ½ tspn of ground cardamom to the TM Bowl.  Mix at Speed 7 for 10 seconds. Set aside dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Chop 35 fresh ginger at Speed 6 for 6 seconds. Scrape the sides of the bowl with a TM Essentials Silicone Spatula and repeat another 2 times.

Add 50g butter, 225g milk, 40g coconut sugar and 80g honey and melt at 50°C for 3 minutes, Speed 1.

Chop 50g of crystallised or naked dried ginger pieces into small pieces and add to TM Bowl with 80g raisins.  Mix at Reverse Speed 3 for 10 seconds.

Prepare the TM Essentials Pudding Steamer by greasing with butter, place a circle of baking paper in base and greasing its surface.  Place 1 tbspn of mixed spices in the basin and swirl to coat the surface evenly.   Also grease the inside of the lid with butter.  All the while, the fruit is soaking in the liquid.  You may want to at this point pause the recipe to extend this soaking process.

Add the liquid and fruit component to the dry ingredients and fold together with a TM Essentials Silicone Spatula until just combined.  Pour batter into the Pudding Steamer.

Secure Pudding Steamer lid and place in a TM5 Varoma. Place Varoma lid in position.  Put 2 L of warm tap water in TM bowl.  Steam for 60 mins, Varoma temp, Speed 3.  When cycle finishes replenish water and steam for a further 60 minutes.

Carefully remove, discard baking paper and serve hot with ice-cream, custard, cream or syrup.


Tip:  This recipe will fill the Pudding Steamer to the top after steaming, so really try not to overestimate the amounts specified.



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