Steamed Pork and Bamboo Dumplings

300 grams pork mince
4 shallots
2 garlic cloves
Small bunch fresh coriander (use some in the dumpling mixture and the rest in dipping sauce)
1 small chilli
5 grams soy sauce
35 grams bamboo shoots
5 grams Chinese rice wine
White pepper
¾ tsp. sesame oil
30 fresh wonton wrappers

Dipping sauce:
1 cm piece ginger
35 grams soy sauce
20 grams rice wine vinegar
15 grams honey
Coriander leaves

Make dipping sauce first – place ginger and coriander in TM bowl and chop 4 secs / speed 6.
Add all other ingredients and mix 5 secs / speed 6, set aside.
In the TM Bowl place spring onion, coriander, garlic, Bamboo shoots and chilli chop 4 secs / speed 6.
Scrape down sides of bowl.
Add mince, soy sauce, Chinese rice wine, pepper, sesame oil and mix 5 secs / speed 5.
Using a Dumpling Press, place 1 teaspoon of mixture into wonton wrappers.
Brush the edges of the wonton with water and fold wonton over in half. Press edges together press edges firmly to join. I then fold them a bit like an envelope.
Spray Varoma with oil and place dumplings into basket and tray.
Fill the TM bowl half with water place Varoma into position and steam for 20 mins / temp Varoma / speed 3.
Place on serving plate with dipping sauce.

Pork and Bamboo Dumplings

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