2 x Double Ended Blade Cleaning Brushes

Thermomix 2 x Double Ended Blade Cleaning Brushes
Thermomix 2 x Double Ended Blade Cleaning BrushesThermomix 2 x Double Ended Blade Cleaning BrushesThermomix blade cleaning brush 5Thermomix 2 x Double Ended Blade Cleaning BrushesThermomix 2 x Double Ended Blade Cleaning Brushes


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Product Description

Cleaning your Thermomix® Appliances blades and other baking tools will be easy with these Double Ended Blade Cleaning Brushes. This cleaning brush with double ends is designed for specialty uses. The tube brush tip is perfect for removing small food particles under or between the blades, while the tapered tip is great for cleaning the nooks and crannies of the Thermomix® Appliances base. The bristles are soft and the ends are capped to avoid scratching. This cleaning brush can also be used on cake bags and piping tubes.

Key Features:

  • Overall length: 15cm
  • Made from stainless-steel and nylon
  • Double ended cleaning brush for specialty uses
  • With tube-brush tip for cleaning under and/or between Thermomix® Appliances blades
  • With tapered tip brush for cleaning nooks and crannies of the Thermomix® Appliances base
  • Soft bristles and capped ends to avoid scratching
  • Can accommodate many sizes and brands of tubes
  • Ideal for cleaning cake bags and piping tubes
  • BPA-free
  • Food-Safe




Product Specifications

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  1. (verified owner):

    Perfect These are perfect little brushes for under the blades of the TM.Been looking for a while for something similar but couldn’t find.Very happy thanks.

  2. (verified owner):

    sue these brushes are great to get those little bits you just cant quite get,makes cleaning the blades a breeze

  3. :

    Cleaning made easy This little cleaning brush makes cleaning the thermo blades very easy and safe! Recommend anyone who has a thermomix to have more than one of these brushes in their top kitchen drawer.

  4. (verified owner):

    Great So good for cleaning in the blades and keeping them at their best

  5. (verified owner):

    Twisted wire double ended cleaning brush Extreme fast service, can’t believe I was so excited that a cleaning object arrived so quickly, used one immediately!

  6. (verified owner):

    Very, very useful I love these brushes, they get into all the little spaces on the blades so easily . It is much stronger than other small brushes I’ve had and doesn’t bend when you apply pressure, meaning quicker cleaning.

  7. :

    Blade cleaning Fantastic for cleaning under and around the blades.

  8. (verified owner):

    Good product Does the job it was bought for

  9. (verified owner):

    Mini twisted wire brushes These are exactly what I wanted! Gets dough and all sticky stuff off the blades so easily. Never looked so sparkling clean.

  10. (verified owner):

    Great Product! After struggling to find a baby bottle brush locally, I found these. What a great product that makes cleaning the Thermie blades a breeze. I bought 2 packs so I will not be caught without them again as the blades are quite difficult to clean without these.

  11. :

    Perfect Fantastic, worked perfectly will Definetly get more!

  12. (verified owner):

    Thermomix Twisted Wire Double Ended Cleaning Brush Love this product it gets everything out from under the blades

  13. (verified owner):

    Cleaning brush Excellent product , extremely helpful

  14. (verified owner):

    Great Gadget These really make sure my blades are super clean !

  15. (verified owner):

    Love them! Love these brushes! They are fantastic for getting under and along the blades to get them nice and clean!

  16. (verified owner):

    brushed These are so awesome. They get in where you just can’t get.

  17. :

    Best $8.50 I’ve ever spent! Awesome little brush. Makes claning the blades so much easier! !

  18. (verified owner):

    blade brush i have used this brush since owning my TM5 and i have found it the best brush to get into the hardest of places without being cut 🙂 def the best buy for your thermy if you are thinking of making dough or grating cheese and its an awesome fit for the arms if they get dirty too!!! best buy i love it !!

  19. (verified owner):

    Very happy Very very happy with the product, inexpensive and super quick delivery. Thank you

  20. (verified owner):

    Little brushes I’m so pleased with these little brushes, they get into those hard to reach places

  21. (verified owner):

    Twisted Wire Cleaning Brushes was happy with the prompt delivery of this product

  22. (verified owner):

    Trudyag These brushes are excellent….bought these as a gift.

  23. (verified owner):

    Twisted Brushes Very good for getting to and cleaning those hard to reach places underneath the blades

  24. (verified owner):

    Cleaning brushes Great, perfect for cleaning the Thermie

  25. (verified owner):

    CLeaning Brushes I purchased these to get into all the little nooks and crannies when cleaning the Thermomix. They work brilliantly. The are perfect for getting into those hard to reach places around the seal and under the blades. Love them!

  26. (verified owner):

    Perfect! These brushes are perfect for cleaning the blade in my thermomix, especially after making something like dough.

  27. (verified owner):

    Fantastic! These brushes are brilliant

  28. :

    Cleaning brushes- don’t bother with anything other These make cleaning the thermomix blades a breeze!! Quick, easy and spotlessly clean result- I’m a happy girl!

  29. (verified owner):

    cleaning brush This is a great little brush and cleans beautifully under the balde

  30. :

    Cleaning Have one at home and one in the caravan. Allows day cleaning of the TM blades after making dough.

  31. (verified owner):

    cleaning brushes they get all the food that is stuck under the blade. Which I love cause I like my blade to be clean.

  32. (verified owner):

    Makes the job SO much easier! I wish I bought this when I bought my thermy. The brush makes cleaning under the blade so much easier. Especially if you make a dessert, then need to chop chicken! Very happy with it, thanks.

  33. (verified owner):

    Amazing!! I was so happy when these little babies arrived! I haven’t found anything that could get under the TM blades on the underside properly to clean them. These brushes are perfect and do an excellent job!

  34. (verified owner):

    Twisted brush Thank goodness for these brushes. I have been using hair tinting brushes but these are so much better..

  35. (verified owner):

    Great for nooks and crannies I love this mini brush… Gets to all the ‘hard to get to’ places.

  36. (verified owner):

    Best things ever I have been searching for something like these for a while now – they are so good for cleaning under the blades for when food gets a bit stuck there – and fabulous that they come in a 2 pack, for if I lose one or when the first one wears out -however that could take a while as they are so strong and built to last. Thanks so much, couldn’t do without these little scrubbers.

  37. :

    Excellent I would recommend these brushes to anyone who owns a thermomixer

  38. (verified owner):

    Fantastic! These brushes are amazing!! They fit perfectly under the blades for a good clean. Before I was squeezing the sponge under and it was taking forever to clean all those small areas. These brushes are strong and the brushes are firm. Love these brushes!!

  39. :

    cleaning brushes These brushes are the perfect size for cleaning the blades love them

  40. (verified owner):

    Cleaning brushes Look strong. The last ones I had bent all the time I look forward to putting these through their paces.

  41. (verified owner):

    easy cleaning Finally something to make sure the blades are clean

  42. :

    A must in every kitchen Love this little brush it gets right in and cleans so easy.

  43. (verified owner):

    Great product! This cleaning brush is a must if you own a thermomix. Perfect for cleaning underneath those blades.

  44. (verified owner):

    Blade cleaning brushes Nifty gadgets for cleaning underneath thermomix blades, makes them much easier to clean:)

  45. (verified owner):

    Cleaning brush Getting in really well between the blades

  46. (verified owner):

    Fantastic No more struggling to get my blade clean , they are also great to clean the tube for the milk frother for the coffee machine. What a fantastic little brush.

  47. (verified owner):

    twisted wire cleaning brushes Cleaning the blades of the Thermomix without that brush would be quite difficult. It does a fantastic job.

  48. (verified owner):

    A must-have Cleaning the blade was a chore but this little brush is so quick and easily gets rid of the little bits….

  49. (verified owner):

    Double Ended brushes These little brushes are great for cleaning the blades .

  50. (verified owner):

    Basic Tool Kit Item Could not do without my cleaning brushes. Make cleaning TM blades so easy. Perfect size

  51. (verified owner):

    Perfect for cleaning under the TM blades Perfect for cleaning under the TM blades. Strong enough to get all the nitty gritty out without bending.

  52. (verified owner):

    Double Ended brushes These little brushes are great for cleaning the blades .

  53. (verified owner):

    great product Great for cleaning the crevices of the blades

  54. (verified owner):

    Cleaning Brushes I have used the brush a few times since purchasing it. It works extremely well for what it is designed to do. I got a second brush and have used that one to help clean my fish filter out as it fits into the nooks and crannies easily. Brilliant!

  55. (verified owner):

    Great Cleaning Aid Best little brush ever for cleaning dough out from inbetween blades – love it.

  56. (verified owner):

    Cleaning Brushes a must The purchase of these brushes has made cleaning even easier. No more close calls getting too close to the blades with other brushes etc. The bristles are very course and this makes even the most difficult reside disappear.

  57. (verified owner):

    Cleaning brushes I love the little brushes as I don’t have a dishwasher & have been having trouble getting the bread dough out from in the blades & the little brushes work a treat. Love them

  58. (verified owner):

    Finally! Finally a brush that cleans the blades of my TM31 perfectly every time. Both ends work on the different nooks and crannies. Thanks TM Essentials.

  59. (verified owner):

    Little brushes Just the job for the four blades but also useful for other items. I cleaned a single stem vase the other day and also into the neck of some straws. Excellent!

  60. (verified owner):

    A Neccesity I can highly recommend these fabulous little brushes. They are a tool all Thermomix owners should have for cleaning those hard to get to places .

  61. (verified owner):

    Wouldn’t be without it! Love these little brushes for cleaning the blades and the little grooves where my bowl clips in (TM31).

  62. (verified owner):

    Amazing ! such a handy little brush to remove absolutely anything from the blades of your thermomix!! (especially the tedious removal of dough!) the only product I’ve found to successfully do it! Such fantastic value!

  63. (verified owner):

    Makes it easy These brushes get right in under the blades & make cleaning so much easier

  64. (verified owner):

    Makes cleaning easy I love these brushes. It makes cleaning the blades much easier. Great product.

  65. (verified owner):

    Superb cleaning brushes They fit into all the nooks and cranies, not only for the Thermomix but also my spout on my coffee machine! I had bought baby bottle brushes from the supermarket, after using them a couple fo times they had gone rusty and out of shape… not so these brushes. Highly recommend, however I think it will be a long time until I need to use the second brush!

  66. (verified owner):

    Excellent. I use these brushes everyday when cleaning the blades of my thermomix. I’ve found them useful cleaning other things around the house to. A great product.

  67. (verified owner):

    Makes cleaning a breeze!! I absolutely love these double ended cleaning brushes for my Thermomix!! They have made cleaning the bowl and blades much quicker and easier. Thank you TM essentials!!!!

  68. (verified owner):

    brush cleaner Love this product works well

  69. (verified owner):

    Brilliant! Brilliant, just brilliant! So simple, so effective, so cheap. Every time I made bread I would be standing there for ages trying to get the dough out from underneath the blade. Now I can just use these brushes and it’s out instantly. I would say I have saved in opportunity cost way more than the $9.90 I spent on these brushes. Thank you.

  70. (verified owner):


  71. (verified owner):

    Theses little babies are a must for every thermomix. Makes cleaning the blades super easy.

  72. (verified owner):

    These are awesome!! They are very handy to clean the blades of my Thermomix. I love them.

  73. (verified owner):

    Much better than the old toothbrush I was using before!

  74. (verified owner):

    Absolutely for getting those little bits under the blades. Perfect

  75. (verified owner):

    Really good brushes to clean small spaces like under the blades

  76. (verified owner):

    Great for cleaning the blades, highly recommend.

  77. (verified owner):

    Wow, I love these… they make all the difference for getting under the blades.

  78. (verified owner):

    Great little brushes for getting around the thermomix blades

  79. (verified owner):

    Great little brush for getting in under the blades. Love them

  80. (verified owner):

    They do an excellent job.

  81. (verified owner):

    I love this brush. It managed to get a very sticky dough out from under the blades

  82. (verified owner):

    The blade cleaner just make cleaning the blades so so easy????????

  83. (verified owner):

    Excellent for cleaning all the nooks and crannies

  84. (verified owner):

    love the little brushes have made cleaning the blades so easy

  85. (verified owner):

    A must have item for any Thermomix owner. Brilliant

  86. (verified owner):

    Great little additions to my TM accessories. Love how the little brushes help clean the tiny spaces my big brush was missing!

  87. (verified owner):

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Gets right in there and removes all debris from the blades. A toothbrush just hasn’t been cutting it. Such fast delivery too. Thanks TM essentials.

  88. (verified owner):

    Very very useful…A must to have.

  89. (verified owner):

    Makes removing leftover dough etc easy

  90. (verified owner):

    Love the little brushes, great for cleaning after bread & some biscuits..

  91. (verified owner):

    These tiny brushes are perfect for cleaning my Thermomix blades.

  92. (verified owner):

    I love these for cleaning the blades! Perfect

  93. (verified owner):

    Great to get into those hardto reach spaces on the blades

  94. (verified owner):

    Perfect for cleaning my blades (and the coffee machine)

  95. :

    Love these – perfect for getting under blades of my TM5. You won’t regret this purchase.

  96. (verified owner):

    I had a double ended brush- these are infinitely better- the perfect width to get the muck out from the blades.

  97. (verified owner):

    Just great for cleaning under the blades and around all the fiddly little spots that are hard to get too.

  98. (verified owner):

    Great little brushes, makes cleaning the blades so much easier. Thermomix should give them to people when they sell the machines

  99. (verified owner):

    Only wish I had ordered these when I first saw them. Well worth the purchase

  100. (verified owner):

    Very useful. Perfect sized brush for cleaning the blades and the inside rim of the lid. Love the 2 pack.

  101. (verified owner):

    Perfect size for cleaning under the blade. Very useful.

  102. (verified owner):

    I have been buying these brushes for year now and love them to clean under the blades of my thermomix

  103. (verified owner):

    Bought this through Ebay before I knew you existed. Have looked for something like this for ages. The cleaning brushes, as everyone has said, are absolutely fabulous. Does what it is supposed to and no more trying to awkwardly use non-scratch scourers. Quick and easy to use and I believe cleaner than I have got it before. Recommended product.

  104. (verified owner):

    These brushes are the BEST!!!! They get into the tight spots of the blade so well. Love them

  105. (verified owner):

    OMG these make my life so much easier!!!

  106. (verified owner):

    love them best thing for getting into those small areas around the blade

  107. (verified owner):

    I received my brushes last week and cooked my first loaf of bread yesterday, the brush made cleaning the blades sooo much easier. Thank you

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