Fresh Ginger Steamed Pudding

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ginger steamed pudding

A version of this pudding recipe was one of the first I ever developed for the TM Essentials Pudding Steamer. I must say though, it initially lacked wow factor and I never revisited it as a family favourite. So one day I thought let’s totally rework the whole ginger pudding concept with a healthier spin… Read more »

Quick Mix Steamed Fruit Pudding

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Sago Plum pudding was a pudding my mother often made during my childhood.  I have followed suit with my own children.  Although I have changed the recipe over the years. So much so, I doubt she would recognise it now.  There are days when you want that rich fruit pudding but you never had the… Read more »

Tropical Orange Steamed Pudding

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This delicious recipe by Vanita was inspired by the colour orange and yellow.  And hence this very tropical fruit themed pudding was born.  If you’re looking for something different than traditional dark fruit pudding then this is a good one to try. Ingredients: 1 tbspn coconut flour or cocoa powder 70g white spelt flour 40g… Read more »

Pork with Black Beans

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Salted black beans are available from Asian supermarkets and add a delicious rich flavour to this super quick and easy dish. Ingredients: 10g garlic cloves 15g fresh ginger 50g salted black beans 40g oyster sauce 60g light soy sauce 400g pork belly or pork loin thinly sliced 4 spring onions, finely sliced Directions: Place the… Read more »