Weekly Meal Planner

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Are you an organised Thermomix King or Queen? I like to spend 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon (generally with a glass of wine :0 ) and plan 5 dinners to cook in my Thermomix, a breakfast or 2, lunches and snacks. We have a bit of round table consensus on the plan for the week… Read more »

Gluten, Dairy and Egg Free White Bread

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Thermomix Gluten Free Bread

The quest for delicious gluten free bread is a difficult one. I love our recipe for gluten free bread. Not only is it super easy with the Thermomix®, it is the closest to wheat bread that I can find. It has a crisp crust and soft texture – it will not crumble when you slice it… Read more »

Perfect White Bread

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Thermomix White Bread

Nothing tastes better than homemade bread, with its full flavours, utter freshness and the satisfaction you get in the making. You’ll never find a loaf that compares to the one you take from the oven. This is our fool proof recipe for light, tasty, crusty white sandwich and high-top loaf bread made using your Thermomix®…. Read more »

Butter Cookies

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Thermomix Butter Cookies

This Thermomix® cookie dough is perfect for using with our Cookie Plungers. They keep their shape while cooking and have a delicious buttery texture. This recipe makes 50-60 biscuits – if that’s too many, this dough is perfect to freeze. 200g Sugar 180g Butter 2 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla essence 400g plain flour 1… Read more »