20 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas Using Your Thermomix

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December is the month of giving, so we’ve collected creative gift ideas you can make at home using your Thermomix. For those who love chocolates, cookies, or caramel fudge, you’re in for a sweet treat. (Chocoholics, rejoice!) However, this collection is not just limited to edible gift ideas. We’ve also included other fun gifts –… Read more »

Baked New York Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis

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For the base: 60 g butter 120 g shortbread biscuits For the cheesecake: 470 g cream cheese, room temperature 200 g sugar 1 tbsp corn flour 3 large eggs 50 g lemon juice 730 g sour cream 1½ tsp vanilla essence ¼ tsp salt For the Strawberry Coulis: 150 g strawberries, hulled 30 g sugar… Read more »

Steaming Perfect Veges in your Varoma

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Never have mushy vegetables again with our Vegetable Steaming Guide for your Thermomix Varoma. This guide will give you steaming times for over 34 vegetables. Steaming veges is a breeze in the Varoma but the real benefit is that steaming retains all the essential vitamins and minerals.  

Metric Conversion Guide

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Use our handy conversion guide when converting recipes for your Thermomix. We’ve compiled an extensive list of foods using imperial measures converted to Australian metric measures for weights, liquids, oven temperature conversions and more.