December is the month of giving, so we’ve collected creative gift ideas you can make at home using your Thermomix. For those who love chocolates, cookies, or caramel fudge, you’re in for a sweet treat. (Chocoholics, rejoice!) However, this collection is not just limited to edible gift ideas. We’ve also included other fun gifts – from moisturisers to playdough to body butter – there’s a perfect gift for everyone. And of course if you have a Thermomix lover to gift to, what better present than Thermomix accessories from TM Essentials.

Here’s a list of 20 great gift ideas you can use this coming Christmas. Maybe you can even make Santa jealous.

1. Peppermint Crisp Fudge
Photo credit: spendwithpennies.com

The sweetness of chocolate stands out more when combined with the cool menthol in peppermint, making them the Brad and Angelina of holiday desserts. Make this foolproof recipe this Christmas.

2. Breakfast Biscuits
Photo credit: everyrecipe.com.au

These chewy, yummy biscuits are made with wholesome cereals and naturally sweetened with honey, apricots, dates, and goji berries. Get the recipe here.

3. Caramel Fudge
Photo credit: gastronomy.com

Usually, fudge recipes require patience in order to capture the buttery glory of caramel. The simplicity of making this caramel fudge recipe is a nice bonus. Whip up your own caramel fudge by following the instructions here.

4. Natural Whipped Body Butter
Photo credit: nataliebennettfood.com

This velvety smooth (and edible) body butter is made with sweet-scented jasmine, cooling ylang-ylang flowers, and invigorating cinnamon. Feel free to lather it generously on your skin.

You may use this handy silicone spatula from TM Essentials to scrape every ounce of butter from your Thermomix.

5. Winter Spice Sugar Scrub
Photo credit: keeperofthekitchen.com

Sugar is a natural exfoliant that promotes younger-looking skin. This recipe from keeperofthekitchen.com is a cost-effective alternative to your generic sugar scrubs.

6. Chocolate Hazelnut and Sour Cherry Nougat
Photo credit: honeyyoubaked.com

This decadent nougat from http://www.honeyyoubaked.com is delicately sweet and definitely irresistible. You might as well give up your store-bought nougat when you take your first bite out of this.

7. Chocolate and Hazelnut Macarons
Photo credit: gourmetgetaways.com.au

Macarons can be intimidating and time consuming made the traditional way. But these heavenly treats made in the Thermomix are a breeze. Get the recipe here.

8. Tomato Chutney
Photo credit: dishmaps.com

Tomato chutney usually goes well with meats and salad, and they’re also great as a dip. This recipe has a 5-star rating from recipecommunity.com reviewers. Taste it yourself to find out why.

9. Clementine Vinegar
Photo credit: maryinredshoes.blogspot.com

Create delicious and exciting salads with this citrus-y Clementine vinegar. The citrus masks the pungent aroma of vinegar and adds a touch of freshness. Recipe available here.

10. Bacon Dog Biscuits
Photo credit: jilliancupcake.com

Don’t leave your pets out at Christmas. Bake them some of their own treats. Yes, you can make your own dog biscuits with Thermomix. Why not try making this yummy bacon treats from whyisthereair.com? It’s made with oats, cheddar cheese, and bacon – your pooch will eat like a king and they are even OK if the kids grab them as well!

11. Calendula Salve
Photo credit: mountainsongherbals.com

Also known as garden marigold, calendula flowers are used to heal skin irritations due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It really is a useful gift to family and friends this Christmas. Learn how to make this soothing salve by visiting this page.

12. Parmesan Grissini
Photo credit: magentratzerl.net

These crisp bread sticks were Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite. Impress your friends with your baking skills by gifting them this savoury Parmesan Grissini. Recipe available here.

13. Hazelnut Chocolates
Photo credit: semehaceagualaboca.com

Do you give away chocolates to loved ones? Make your own version of the classic Ferrero Rocher treat with your Thermomix – no need to spend so much on Christmas (or Valentine’s Day) to get your chocolate fix. Get the recipe here.

14. Cacao Droplets
Photo credit: cathyscorneraromatherapy.ca

Make this Christmas more special by making these cacao droplets from the farmerskitchen.com with your little kids. Add some dates, berries, and nuts to the chocolates to make it healthier. They are not only easy to make – they’re very yummy, too!

15. Chocolate Truffles and Mascarpone
Photo credit: foodnetwork.com

Can’t get enough of chocolates? These sweet truffles with mascarpone cheese are perfect for chocoholics who take their desserts seriously. They’re soft and sweet, but not cloying. Check out the recipe here.

16. Christmas Marquesitas
Photo credit: velocidadcuchara.com

These almond cupcakes are a favourite in Spain, usually eaten for breakfast or as a dessert (with a cup of coffee). This recipe from velocidadcuchara.com is a tried-and-tested holiday treat.

17. Umami Paste
Photo credit: tenina.com

Umami is dubbed as the “fifth taste” – it’s what makes cheese, meat, and mushrooms flavourful. Plus, it can definitely transform your meal, soup, and sauce to become more delicious. Make your own umami paste from scratch by simply following this recipe from tenina.com.

18. Scented Playdough
Photo credit: 52kitchenadventures.com

Have you caught on to the new craze of playdough for adults? Following the colouring in craze, playing with playdough is relaxing and fun! All the ingredients you need to make your own playdough are available at home. Making your own playdough saves you a lot of moolah – you could even let the kids join in. We love this recipe from TRTLM. How about a game of Playdough Pictionary these holidays with a new batch of scented play dough?

The Non Stick Silicone Mat from TM Essentials is perfect for kneading, rolling, and shaping the play dough as it is non-stick and will keep your benchtops and table clean. It’s also great for resting and baking bread!

19. Divine Moisturisers
Photo credit: healthyblenderrecipes.com

Why buy expensive moisturisers from the shops when you can make your own in ten minutes? Moisturisers make great gifts, too. A pretty jar with a gorgeous label like these on Pinterest, and you are set. Click here to find out how.

20. Sugar-free Strawberry Jam
Photo credit: purplefoodie.com

If you love jams, but you are also conscious about your sugar levels, fret no more. This toothsome strawberry jam recipe from quirkycooking.com.au gets its natural sweetness from the fruit itself. Go ahead and try some!

Merry Christmas from TM Essentials!